OUCH! Spray

The ouch philosophy

We hand blend the purest, naturally extracted herbal oils from certified distillers to create the safest insect sting relief and personal outdoor sprays for you and your family. Our sprays are tested by Australian Government laboratories to ensure their effectiveness and universities to certify their purity.


Ouch sprays contain no chemicals, are vegan and not tested on animals. Chemical based insect products transfer up to 17% of their active ingredients into your muscles, where they stay for 3 months increasing the risk of unwanted side effects. Check the pack of your insect product or sting / itch relief product for deet (diethyltoluamide), aluminium sulphate (abandoned by deodorant makers due to its link to breast cancer*), papain (3rd highest cause of dermatitis*) and hydrocortisone cream (a steroid). Does the product you use contain chemicals requiring it to be labeled ‘Keep Out Of Reach Of Children’? Switch to chemical free Ouch Sprays which are effective and safe. Suitable for pregnancy and infants.

Instantly cools insect bites, then numbs the bite so you don’t feel the incessant need to scratch. Great for adults and infants. 100% natural  formulation tested by the NSW Gov’t Pathology Service,  Westmead Hospital and certified effective for 40 minutes with no adverse skin reactions. Ouch can be re applied as often as needed. 

Overseas Adventures

Australia’s #1 Selling 100% Natural Outdoor Sprays.

They are great for overseas travel adventures in tropical destinations, island hopping & rain forests. All Ouch Sprays packs are approved carry on luggage size.

Hiking & Trails

Ideal for backpacks. waist bags and pockets. Ouch has been used on many of the worlds great hiking trails, incl the El Camino, Milford & Appalachian trails.

At the beach

Australia’s #1 Selling Jellyfish Sting Relief Spray. Developed By An International Ocean Swimmer To Work Instantly

Instantly numbs non lethal jellyfish stings & sea lice bites. Safe for children. Containing no aluminium sulphate or papain. Reapply as often as needed. More effective than hot water. Great for bluebottles and jimbles. Ouch has been used by English Channel swimmers and Australia’s famous Rottnest Race.

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