Fury- Carbon


✓ Custom aerodynamic channels reduce wind resistance
✓ Multi-fit square lens shape

Spotters Fury Gloss Black frame fitted with Photochromic Carbon Lens
> Natural colour perception
> Cuts out harsh glare

Spotters’ Carbon; a Photochromic Glass lens with a Grey tint that allows for a natural colour perception, while cutting out harsh glare.
The Carbon lens takes your whatever you are looking at, and just relaxes it. The natural grey colour removes irritating glare and noise from your vision and provides perfect optical clarity without changing your colour perception.
Our Photochromic Carbon lens is designed specifically for those who want neutral colour perception. The dark tint blocks glare and harsh bright light without altering your colour perception and now that it is Photochromic allows for longer wear through the day as it will adjust to your light conditions.


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