Compression Tights Longs- Men


Level up with V8 Compression Longs. Merging revolutionary compression with style for the highest quality, best fitting compression as worn by athletes and trainers worldwide.


  • Superior targeted compression
  • Highest grade elastane power lycra
  • Proprioception enhancing & oscillation reducing smart gel ProTech gel
  • Warm know performance fabric construction
  • Cord black technology UPF50+
  • Permanent moisture management tested to 50 washed
  • Seamless bonded athletic ankle


The highest quality and best fit garments, as worn by professional athletes and trainers worldwide who want to train the best, perform the best and recover the best. Sports scientists are constantly discovering new ways to take human athletic performance to the next level. Featuring graduated compression, our athletic compression tights can help improve your endurance, day to day performance and recovery. Unlike normal sports tights, the superior targeted design features graduated compression promoting blood circulation and reducing muscle wobble, resulting in increased performance, everyday better recovery and significant reduction in next day muscle pain (DOMS). These aren’t just for elite athletes…

Whether you’re slogging it out in the gym, walking, jogging, standing up all day, or engaging in any kinds of training, Body Science compression is designed for results.

INCREASED VO2MAX AND ANAEROBIC THRESHOLD Recent research in trained athletes reported that compression garments increased VO2max by 10% and anaerobic threshold by 40% (13). Given that these two physiological variables are highly correlated to success in endurance sports compression garments may provide a significant competitive advantage for endurance athletes.

REDUCED MUSCLE OSCILLATION It has been suggested that excess oscillatory displacement of a muscle during a dynamic movement may contribute to fatigue and interfere with neurotransmission and optimal muscle recruitment patterns (14). Recent research reported that compression garments were able to significantly reduce longitudinal and anterior-posterior muscle oscillation by 0.32 and 0.40cm respectively upon landing from a maximal vertical jump (7).

ENHANCED PROPRIOCEPTION Proprioception or joint position sense has major implications to athletic performance, particularly in the areas of technique and injury prevention. Research investigating hip joint proprioception reported significantly greater joint position sense at both 45 and 60 degrees hip flexion (11).

INCREASED EXPLOSIVE MUSCULAR POWER Explosive muscular power is highly correlated with success in most sports. Research in track and field athletes has reported a 5.2% increase in maximal vertical jump height when vertical jumps are measured wearing compression garments (7).

REDUCED BLOOD LACTATE CONCENTRATIONS High intensity exercise produces lactic acid which presents a challenge to the body’s ability to maintain pH within the narrow physiological range. This in turn can negatively impact the force generating capacity of the muscle which results in muscle fatigue and impaired athletic performance. Data published by Berry and McMurray (1) showed a 14% decrease in blood lactate concentrations 15 minutes following high intensity exercise when compression garments were worn during and after exercise.

FASTER RECOVERY Muscle damage is an inevitable consequence of high intensity exercise and any technique that can facilitate muscle repair and faster recovery is of large benefit to the athlete. A study in elite Rugby Union players reported that compression garments worn immediately after a rugby match significantly reduced markers of muscle damage (creatine kinase) compared to passive recovery at 36 and 84 hours post match (8)


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