Calm Stress Support


BODY SCIENCE® CALM STRESS SUPPORT Feel focused, balanced, clear-headed and calm. Ingredients to help you reach optimal productivity and perform better mentally, and physically. Calm Stress Support contains industry-leading, clinically researched herbs, and minerals to biohack your way to optimal, feel-good performance all-day. every day. Proudly Made in Australia.

Formerly known as Hydroxy Burn Sleep RX

  Relieve stress

  Boost cognitive function

  Support mental focus

  Enhance concentration and memory.

  Calm the mind, soothe the nerves.

  Ease anxious tension


When should I take this?


In for a big day at work or just have one of those crazy days ahead? With the demands of everyday life, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed, stressed and tired. Calm Stress Support helps to promote a calm and relaxed mood and provide support for nervous system health so you can work with ease, increase your cognitive performance and cope better in stressful environments.


Post Workout

Still buzzing after your workout? A pre-workout fanatic? Not a problem, but remember that any strenuous physical activity and strong stimulants are stresses on the body, therefore, increasing cortisol levels.

In order to recover and promote muscle growth, it’s important to assist your body in getting into a calm state as efficiently as possible post-workout.



Do you struggle to wind down after a big day? Can’t stop thinking at night? Calm Stress Support is perfect for you before bed routine with herbs that support you in clearing your mind and calming your body.

Melissa Officinalis (Bluenesse®) – has been traditionally used in herbal medicine as a sleep aid. It is often used in cases of restlessness, mental stress and mild anxiety. It is also an strong antioxidant and helps increase calmness and of mind and body.

Lemon Verbena extract (Recoverben®) – shown to be a well-tolerated natural sports ingredient. Helps to reduce muscle damage and attenuate loss of muscle strength after exhaustive exercise. It may help to decrease the signs of muscular damage without blocking the cellular adaptation to exercise. It also helps to buffer strength loss after exercise.

Zizyphus – used in natural Chinese medicine for thousands of years. It is often used as a potent antioxidant and for it’s anti-inflammatory affects, support gastrointestinal health and stimulate the immune system.

Kava – A calming super herb that has been used for centuries as a natural relaxant for the mind and body. As an apoptogenic herb, Kava has a variety of different uses and benefits from relieving stress and nervous tension, enhancing reflectiveness and focus to even being used to assist in meditation practices. The herbs’ dynamic properties mean it can support sleep when taken at night, promote a calm state of mind when taken during day and assist with inducing prolonged mental focus.

Vitamin B6 – A vital component in maintaining a healthy immune and nervous system. Vitamin B6 is necessary for creating neurotransmitters that regulate emotions, including serotonin and dopamine and has therefore been studied intensely for its ability to support mood regulation.

Chromium – This essential trace mineral plays an essential role in ensuring healthy insulin function and is believed to assist


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