About Us

About Us

We are devoted to finding the best quality, the best made and better performing gear for outdoor enthusiasts, activists and travellers. Not only do we want to provide outstanding quality products to the outdoor enthusiast group but also your everyday workplace, household, pet and every situation you might find yourself in.

We want to make sure you can look after yourself with effective and efficient products at any point you find yourself in a bit of trouble, from the scraped knee at home to broken leg in the bush. 

Our suppliers are continually researching finding the best materials, technologies, production methods, techniques and new product innovations that enable us to bring you the customers the best quality products we can.

Our Story

Wild Aid First Aid specialises in first aid and wilderness travel products. Wild Aid is a family owned company located in the north west of Victoria, Australia.

Wild Aid First Aid was established in the early 2000s and taught Urban and Wilderness first aid courses, Australia wide. We have grown into producing and selling high-quality specialised products for our customers that can assist in all aspects of their daily lives and outdoor activities.

Our background in this field is we teach people how to keep injured people alive in the most hostile places throughout the world when there is no access to immediate medical care. Places like the Himalayas, Andes, Amazon, Africa just to name a few. We also train those who work offshore.

Along with training individuals, we also train staff for some of the largest outdoor recreation/education providers/guides in Australia.

 Neil Ritchie, founder of Wilderness First Aid Australia and Wild Aid First Aid has been working in this industry since the early 2000s namely working for the world’s largest provider of wilderness medicine the Wilderness Medicine Institute of NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) the USA. In 2010 he opened our first company Wilderness First Aid Australia and we have grown to be the largest provider of this type of education in Australia.

Our staff work in Antarctica as senior field officers, others ski patrollers, remote medics, paramedics, nurses all who have worked Nationally and Internationally.  

 Our students come from all over the world for our training and are avid rock climbers, downhill mountain bikers, skiers, elite kayakers, mountaineers, etc. people who work and play in these hostile environments. Our students also travel worldwide chasing extreme sports and guiding groups through these areas. Based on this providing our students with top brands has now become a reality.

During our training sessions, liaising with students and clients we have found there to be a need for a more niche market of speciality first aid products and equipment. We have years of knowledge, skills and experience to understand that we’ve seen a gap in the market that we are more than qualified to fill, to provide our fellow enthusiasts access to the most useful, helpful first aid products and equipment we can. 

First aid is the forefront of our business, that provides first aid kits for the home as well as the car, workplace, camping, fishing, hiking and our pets.

We want you to be able to take the best care of yourself at home, work or in any of the outdoor activities, you enjoy no matter how extreme they may be.

We not only provide first aid kits but also an abundance of products useful for the outdoor enthusiast.

We are experts in the game and want to provide you with the knowledge, skills and tools to enjoy yourself safely in whatever you do and wherever you are.

Always expect the unexpected and you’ll always be protected.

Welcome to the Wild Aid family.