Athlete Long Sleeve Top


V6 BODYSCIENCE Athlete Compression Tights have been Designed and made in Australia.

V6 BODYSCIENCE Athlete Compression Tights specified panel design forms the corner stone of these unique garments. With specific muscle panel alignment providing unmatched strength, support and fit to targeted muscle groups.  KNOWN AS “TARGETED COMPRESSION.”

Our Athlete Series V6 compression Long Sleeve top has been hand crafted from our unique high performance compression fabric which includes superior moisture wicking qualities, meaning that the material is able to ‘draw’ sweat away from where it is produced helping to dissipate body heat. Warp Knit construction resulting in an increased number of fibres means greater durability. A greater ‘elastometric fibre content,’ creates material that can stretch further and return to it’s original shape without distortion and a UV Protection of 50+ protects from the harsh Australian sun.

V6 BODYSCIENCE Athlete Compression Long Sleeve tops are finished with a seamless hem at the wrist. This new technology creates a slimmer and firmer compression fit while also aiding in putting the garment on in a smother and easer way. Simply stretch the hems out using your hands, breaking the seal, before putting the garment on our Long Sleeve is now free of all irritating seams.


Torso Group

Upper body Explosive muscular power is highly correlated with success in a vast array of sports. The Pectoral muscle group forms a thick fan-shaped muscle of the chest responsible for flexing, adducting and medially rotating the Humerus, or put simply, the majority of pushing or pulling actions of the upper body. Knowledge of the importance of this muscle group has lead to BSc designing specific compression panels that target the pectoral muscle group via panels and seams so compression is applied across the whole chest. This ultimately reduces oscillatory displacement of muscle in the chest optimizing neurotransmission and the mechanics of muscle contraction at the molecular level.

The Deltoid muscle also known as the shoulder muscle is an extremely complex muscle due to the arrangement of three different sets of muscle fibres that form together to comprise the deltoid. This unfortunately makes the deltoid muscle susceptible to fatigue further promoting serious injury. The cut and arrangement of BSc deltoid panel has specifically been designed to enclose the deltoid muscle sheath, providing strength and support to the muscle group reducing the likelihood of injury.

The core muscles commonly referred to as your abs (abdominal muscles) are somewhat involved in almost every muscle contraction throughout the body. They act as a stabilizer and transfer forces across the body. Whilst people often train them as a prime mover they are far more responsible for ones ability to produce force or movement in a controlled and stable environment.


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