Clean Coffee with Megan from Wild Aid

Hey Guys, I have been on the clean coffee for a while now and just wanted to let you know how I was finding it. Tell you the truth I love it. I wasn’t a massive coffee drinker before but now I am having my one a day. I feel great, it’s great to have the 15 minute downtime you get when you have a coffee break, to wind down, step away from work or the computer and just sit and enjoy.

I switched over from traditional coffee to clean coffee about 2 months ago. I have a 5 month old son and as you can imagine I need the energy to keep me going all day. It’s nice to know exactly whats in the coffee. The ACV added for healthy digestion has been a bonus as well. Usually after drinking traditional coffee I felt pretty sick, but loved the coffee flavour, so it’s been great to find something that not only promotes the natural energy I need to get through the day, I have been feeling and functioning better all round. I haven’t got the 3pm slump that usually sends me on the hunt for a sugary snack either (thanks ACV).

We pay between $4-$5 on average for a normal take away coffee and buying every day that adds up, quickly. One clean coffee sachet works out to be .84c! So, I mean it’s really a win win, good for the body, good for the bank account 😉

You can have it hot, cold, add milk or just black. Add it to smoothies however you like it, I like mine piping hot and black as you can see in the video below in my new mother’s day mug I got from my son <3 You could even add it to some protein pancakes if you want coffee flavoured pancakes….. might trial that one and get back to you!

Clean Coffee TX100 60 Sachets

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