10% off with a Seniors card!

We are pleased to offer senior card holders a 10% discount on purchases here at Wild Aid First Aid.

We want to make sure our customers can look after themselves with effective and efficient products at any point they find themselves in a bit of trouble from the scraped knee at home/camping to a broken leg in the bush or accident on the road. For seniors involved in activities such RV, 4WD, camping, hiking, ect, check us out we can be of value!

Our suppliers are continually researching to find the best materials, technologies, production methods, techniques and new product innovations that enable us to bring the customers the best quality products we can.

We are affiliated with Wilderness First Aid Australia (WFAA), the largest provider of Wilderness/Remote/Outback first aid training in Australia.
We have a close relationship with Neil Ritchie, remote medic and CEO of WFAA who also consults with us on products and training.
We are a member of Australian Camps Association and have a close relationship with their CEO, Peter Griffiths.

We have developed a relationship with The Grey Nomads so you will see us pop up on their newsletter.

*You will need to email a copy of your valid seniors card to megan@wildaid.com.au, then will receive your discount code via email.

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