Aero Healthcare.

We are proud stockists of Aero Healthcare products. First aid retail care and home of the HeartSine defibrillators.

Aero healthcare is an ISO 13485 approved medical and first aid supplies manufacturer producing TGA and ISO accredited products that meet the latest Australian standards. With headquarters in Armidale, NSW, and a global presence that includes the UK and US, they’re manufacturers of choice for medical and first aid kit supplies here in Australia and across the globe. 

Utilising the latest healthcare technologies combined with cutting-edge materials, they are always working to deliver the best solutions to our customers so that we can continue to make healthcare better. Having a global presence provides them with unrivalled access to research, knowledge and materials, meaning that when you buy from us, you’re truly buying a unique and industry-leading product that’s not just a national standout but also a global leading solution.

From our First Aid Products and Consumer Wound Care range through to our proprietary Supa-Bond® adhesives and Premium Snake Bite Indicator Bandages, Aero Healthcare provides unique solutions customers of all shapes and sizes. We continually strive to push the status quo in First Aid and Wound Care.

We believe in the quality and reliability of our products because we know that lives can depend on them! That’s why we also provide cutting-edge support and monitoring focused on tried and tested methods applied in innovative and cost-saving solutions tailored to the individual customer and industry needs. Wild Aid First Aid combined with Areo Health care is the natural choice for a single source of first aid and healthcare products, that is founded on quality, price and service.

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