Vegan Results Sample Pack


Whether you’re new to the fitness game or looking for something different, here’s your chance to trial some of our best 100% vegan health and fitness supplements and snacks guaranteed to accelerate your results. Want to burn fat, amp up your training, boost your energy, focus and gut health, or treat your taste buds while keeping your goals on track? We’ve got all your plant-based fitness needs covered.

Your BSc Vegan Sample Pack includes:

1 x HydroxyBurn Shred Ultra sachet – Passionfruit

1 x Clean Coffee TX100 sachet

1 x Clean Tea TX100 Lemon Ginger sachet

1 x Clean Tea TX100 Super Berry sachet

1 x Green Tea TX100 Strawberry Mint sachet

1 x Green Tea TX100 Super Berry sachet

1 x Green Tea TX100 Watermelon sachet

1 x Clean Bar – Banana Bread

1 x Clean Bar – Choc Lamington

1 x Clean Bar – Lemon Cashew

1 x Vegan Protein Balls – Banana

1 x Vegan Protein Balls – Salted Caramel

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The Vegan Results Sample Pack is a collection of some of our most popular, tried and tested supplements and plant-based snacks designed to fast-track your health and fitness goals. And they’re all 100% vegan friendly. From fat burners and pre-workout to energy boosters, gut health, recovery and snacks – supplements can be the extra element that takes your results from good to great.

What works best for one person isn’t always what will be best for you, so why not put them to the test? A smorgasbord of plant-based supps, it’s your chance to discover what fits best for your lifestyle, what flavours knock your socks off, what pushes you further during your training sessions  and what makes you feel at the top of your game – physically and mentally.


HydroxyBurn Shred Ultra – Gives you the energy, focus and metabolism support you need to reach your goals quicker – and it’s 100% vegan friendly! Our best-selling HydroxyBurn Shred taken to the next level, this powerful daily thermogenic fat burner and pre-trainer has been carefully designed to enhance all-day energy, speed your metabolism and torch calories. Boosted with sought-after nootropics to improve mental focus, reduce stress and enhance mood.

Clean Coffee TX100 – Every coffee lover’s dream! Designed to enhance your fat burning, boost your energy and mood, combat cortisol and increase focus so you reach your health, fitness & performance goals quicker. A delicious cold brew coffee that you can have hot too!

Clean Tea TX100 – Probiotics? Prebiotics? Apple Cider Vinegar? Kombucha? Digestive Enzymes? Forget taking each one individually, Clean Tea TX100 combines all these most popular gut-boosting supplements and tonics into one powerful gut health drink. Try it daily to feel the difference.

Green Tea TX100 – Boost your energy, metabolism and fat burning with this delicious, all-natural blend of green tea extract, gut friendly probiotics and powerful antioxidants. Our highly popular Green Tea TX100 is the perfect way to help you achieve your health and fitness goals faster.

Clean Bar – If you haven’t tried a Clean Bar yet, you don’t know what you’re missing! A seriously delicious, seriously healthy snack or clean treat that’s 100% plant-based, packed with protein and energy, and made from nothing but nutritious wholefood ingredients. 100% vegan friendly, non-GMO, with no dairy, no gluten, no added sugar and definitely no artificial sweeteners, flavours or colours.

Vegan Protein Balls – You’ve never had a vegan protein ball like this before! An insanely delicious high-protein, plant-based snack that’s also low in carbs. Ideal for post-workout recovery, a healthy snack on the run, craving crusher or low-carb treat. Available in 2 incredible flavours: Salted Caramel and Banana.


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