High Protein Balls (Box of 10)- Cookies and Cream


The best tasting Balls you’ve ever had! Keep your hunger at bay and your nutrition on point with a healthy snack that has all the protein and flavour you’re craving, without the extra sugar and carbs you don’t need. No added sugar, gluten free and a good source of fibre, it’s a delicious guilt-free snack that’ll keep your goals in sight.

Gluten free, natural sweetener and no added sugar!

Box of 10.

Available on back-order


Satisfy your taste buds and keep your goals on track! With a crunchy shell and an irresistibly soft centre every delicious packet of High Protein Balls has over 20g of protein and plenty of fibre without the extra carbs or artificial flavours and sweeteners.

With a busy lifestyle it can be hard enough planning three healthy meals a day, let alone organising nutritious snacks as well. These babies are a delicious addition to your diet when you want something healthy on the run, a post-gym protein hit or sweet treat but don’t want to ruin you hard work.

Body Science High Protein Balls are the convenient, tasty, nutritious snack you need on hand for when hunger cravings strike. Designed for busy, active people, athletes and bodybuilders, or anyone looking for a high protein snack while watching your carb intake. Body Science High Protein Balls taste great and won’t disappoint, or derail your progress!

Unlike many “protein balls” and bliss balls that are loaded full of carbs and sugar but hardly any protein, BSc High Protein Balls are ACTUALLY packed full of beneficial protein and are ideal for anyone looking for a low-carb, keto or macro-friendly option.

The combination of “high protein”, “low carb” and “fibre” has been designed to ensure you are getting everything you want and nothing you don’t. To keep the carbohydrates and sugar low so you can hit your fitness goals, our Balls are formulated using sugar alcohols.  Neither a sugar or an alcohol, sugar alcohols behave more like fibre when ingested – they are not completely absorbed in the gut, generally yield about half the calories of sugar and have less of an effect on blood sugar levels. Not made for the wholefood brigade, but an ideal way to get some sweetness in your life without the carbs or sugars that don’t fit into your diet plan.

Whether you’re looking for a tasty mid-afternoon snack, something to keep you feeling full in between meals or the perfect bite-size energy booster, High Protein Balls are the perfect choice.

And they don’t just taste amazing – they’re formulated to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.



Protein is key in providing you with sustained energy to keep you going all day, and not consuming enough protein during the day can be a prime reason for fatigue. Since protein takes longer than carbohydrates to break down in the body, it provides a longer-lasting energy source, perfect for getting you through those long days, hunger pangs or endurance training sessions.


With around 25g of protein and over 5g of fibre, High Protein Balls knows how to satisfy. The combination of protein, fibre and delicious taste is every dieter’s dream. Protein and fibre increase satiety, decrease hunger and increase feelings of fullness, helping you to avoid temptations throughout the day.


Protein-based foods provide your body with the fuel they need to repair and build tissues, making for the ideal post-workout snack you can throw in your gym bag. Protein intake also helps to elevate muscle protein synthesis to build muscle mass. For those dieting or leaning down, increasing protein intake can be key to maintaining muscle mass while reducing calories to lose fat.


Here’s a delicious snack that keeps your goals on track! Protein helps to increase your metabolic rate by preserving lean muscle. It also takes more energy for your body to digest protein, which boosts calorie burn. Add to that the ability to increase feelings of fullness and you have a great-tasting way to prevent between-meal-hunger and help your reach your health goals.

Body Science High Protein Balls are a great inclusion in your diet as they give your body over 20g of protein per serve, but are low in carbohydrates, contain no added sugar, are gluten free and are also a good source of fibre. And as if that’s not enough, they taste amazing, busting the myth that healthy snacks can’t taste good.


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