CLEAN BAR BOX- Banana Bread


Need a healthy, delicious snack you can feel good about? Nothing but all-natural, nutritionally dense ingredients like plant proteins, fruits, seeds and nuts, all in a perfect 50g bar. Simply bursting with quality protein, antioxidants, fibre, healthy fats and no nasty additives. 100% vegan friendly, non-GMO, with no dairy, no gluten, no added sugar and definitely no artificial sweeteners, flavours or colours.


1 box = 12 bars at 50g per bar

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At Body Science we’re passionate about providing our health-conscious customers with the foods they want. We listened to your feedback and we know that more and more of you are seeking healthy and delicious, vegan-friendly, plant-based options. So that’s what we made!


When we went about formulating our new Clean Bars we had a strict list of requirements:

  1. They needed to be 100% vegan friendly, non-GMO, with no dairy, no gluten, no added sugar and definitely no artificial sweeteners, flavours or colours.
  2. They needed to contain only pure, simple, wholesome ingredients; the kind you find at your local farmer’s markets. Forget long lists of ingredients you can’t even pronounce. All the ingredients are listed on the front of the package so you know exactly what you’re getting…and that’s it!
  3. They needed to provide a healthy dose of plant-based protein to support your wellness goals, help keep you satiated and support your active life.
  4. And they needed to taste like a delicious, naughty treat. Eating healthy shouldn’t mean compromising on taste!


And guess what…we nailed it!  We spent countless hours sourcing only the best high-quality, nourishing ingredients from trusted suppliers, and getting the balance between nutritional value, taste and texture just right.


BSc Clean Bars are made with all-natural ingredients you can feel good about, like plant proteins, fruits, seeds and nuts. They’re packed full of quality protein, antioxidants, fibre and healthy fats, plus are 100% vegan-friendly. And the taste? Incredible!


Our nourishing Clean Bars are a balanced, wholesome snack your body – and taste buds – will love. Take your pick from three incredible flavours: Banana Bread, Choc Lamington and Lemon Cashew.


Each Clean Bar contains a blend of three vegan-friendly plant proteins and only healthy fats, the GOOD kind your body needs for energy, cell growth and to absorb key vitamins. Plus, they’re rich in fibre for your digestive health, and antioxidants to help you glow from the inside out.


We know how hard it can be to find plant-based options when you’re on the run. The Clean Bar makes eating healthy on-the-go a little easier! It’s a perfect convenient and nutritious snack to keep you going. Need a boost to beat the 3pm slump and fight that sugar craving? A quick pre-gym energy hit, or a post workout recovery bar complete with protein and good carbs? Or a late night treat that tastes amazing but isn’t packed full of refined sugars and empty calories? Grab a Clean Bar!


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